Paadha Bhedhah – Jayalakshmi Eshwar


The beauty of the Indian Classical dance form is its vocabulary – both in terms of complex techniques and the expressions assisted by stylized hand gestures. Its grammar is deeply codified, which facilitates one to explore and express ideas and themes based on religious, traditional, mythological and contemporary concepts.

This book is based on the ancient Indian text ‘Abhinayadarpanam’ and explains the diverse language of the feet positions, making it easy and interesting for students to know about our ancient dance technique as well as the learning process of dance theory. ‘Abhinayadarpanam’ is an important text based on the Natya Shashtra written by Nandikeshwara around 1000 AD, and focusing mainly on the technique of dance. However, the literary content of the text does not have any detailed illustrations explaining a practical method to learn the hand gestures (Hasthas) and feet positions (Paadha Bhedhaah) for Indian classical dance.

The detailed, systematic illustrations of Paadha Bhedhaah (Feet movements) can be utilized by dancers belonging to any form of dance be it classical or contemporary depending on their individual capacity and creativity in expression.

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